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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday…

Well hello fellow maintainers! It has been awhile since I last posted-sorry…

The reason I haven’t posted in a long time is mostly because of the craziness that summer brings! I’ve been very busy enjoying the wonderful things summer holds-weddings, hikes, gardening, sports, art shows, painting, -you name it, I’ve been doing it! And one thing that I most certainly have been doing is: eating. Cake, cupcakes, pasta, pizza, French fries, s’mores, cheeseburgers…basically, if it has carbs and fat in it, I probably ate it in the past couple of weeks.

Now, normally you’re probably thinking that I would normally make this blog about not being consumed by the bone crushing  guilt that can be felt from even licking an ice cream cone (add a bunch of ice cream cones to the above list too!). And you’re right. Normally I would be talking about trying to get over the guilt and trying to simply enjoy myself without being consumed (pun intended) by the guilt, but ALAS!-this is not the case!

My best friend got married this past weekend and I went into the weekend’s festivities weighing the least I have ever weighed before. I genuinely felt good, felt thin, and most importantly-felt healthy! I went into the weekend with a mind frame set that I was going to allow myself to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a decision that can be made lightly (especially if you’re trying to lose the L-Bs). But I allowed myself to do this because I personally knew I felt good, and I knew I would get back on track the following Monday…and that is exactly what I did!

Allow me to be honest however, when Monday came around I was craving pizza, cookies, and cake more than a junky needs a fix... the Bangles say it best:

It's just another manic Monday,
I wish it was Sunday, 
'Cause that's my fun-day, 
My I-don't-have-to-run day, 
It's just another manic Monday...

Though part of me wishes I could keep eating like that, the power is within us to get back to our ‘normal eating.’ This whole week I have been right back to my health-nut ways without even looking back. I knew I would get back on track (or just simply back to my norm) and therefore I do not have not one ounce of guilt… did you hear me… do I need to say it louder, NOT ONE OUNCE OF GUILT!!! Crazy right?!?

With this being said however, there are weak moments when one should not indulge because they may not feel strong enough to get back on the healthy highway (again if you’re trying to lose, indulging like crazy may make more trouble than it’s worth). But, if you’re maintaining, feeling good, and looking good, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy some treats from the tree of life (wow-this is getting deep!)

Any who, at one point this weekend I actually thought to myself (warning: I may sound crazy-per usual I’m sure…), maybe I’m too comfortable at this size?!? I literally had a hard time comprehending how I was so OK with allowing myself to be entirely free with my eating, and honestly, it made me nervous that I may fall back into old habits (my gut is literally churning right now at the thought of falling back into old habits and being 'too free' with my eating)….BUT, I now know that falling back into bad habits will not be allowed. I have literally trained myself to just go back to eating healthy after I indulge for special occasions, holidays, etc.

This is life-we only get one chance at it and for that reason we must value every moment, and if that means you want to seal off an amazing ‘date day’ with your fiancé by having an ice cream cone-do it! As long as every day doesn’t become a ‘special moment/occasion’ you will be fine (when you’re celebrating the fact that you walked to get the mail by eating a slice of cake, it may be time to re-evaluate this concept)!

Maybe it’s this heat going to my head (if sweating was able to melt fat away, I would be nearly skin and bones at this point) but, life is too short to limit ourselves, our bodies, our hopes, and dreams. Enjoy the moments worth enjoying, and just live your normal healthy life for all the others.

How do you all make sure you get back on track after you choose to indulge? Have you ever experienced a moment when you realized-“Wow, I can do this ‘maintaining thing’... without the guilt!”? 

Until next time, keeping the bulge at bay!

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