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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Too Tired, Too Busy, Too Stressed, Too Sick…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes working out can be quite a drag. Therefore, some of us tend to find any excuse in the book to avoid working out-I’m… too busy…too tired…too stressed…too sick... (sometimes too sick is true though-I worked out last Thursday and have been sounding and feeling like a leathery old smoker with all the hacking and coughing ever since-pleasant thought, no?)

I am the type of person that loves physical activities that have working out hiding in them. For example, kayaking, hiking, snow-shoeing, swimming, volleyball, etc. These activities have the dreaded word 'workout' camouflaged within them. There is nothing more that I HATE than having to act like a gerbil by running on a machine that never allows you to actually GET ANYWHERE! But the activities listed previously have always been part of my routine and will be forever-I love them! However, they aren't activities that can easily be done daily. As you will see, my daily workout regimens have evolved more than even Darwin could imagine…allow me to explain….
  • I used to run at least a 5k four times a week (outside only of course-no treadmills for me!). However, due to my height (about 5'10'') my knees are not strong enough for me to continue being a ‘runner.’ I did love running (especially formal road races), but one knee surgery later and a pending second on the horizon, has forced me to find alternate ways to exercise.
  • The gym…oh god, the gym. I have had memberships to over four different gyms and have gone on and off to each of them at different times over about a 4 to 5 year period. However, I can now freely admit (and let me tell you it took a lot of self-reflection to be able to admit this to myself...) I HATE the gym! It is the whole additional ‘work’ part of working out that I don’t like. Having to make it a job to grab my water bottle, iPod, towel, head phones, keys, and wallet; then actually DRIVE all the way to the gym. Hell, I hate the commute to work and they PAY me to be there-I definitely am not going to like a ‘commute’ to the place where I PAY them to allow me to use their gerbil wheels. This is not fun for me and is too much ‘extra work’ to add to the physical work that I want and need to get.
  • Yoga by video. I have never tried yoga in a studio before because I’m too nervous to go to a class and look like an idiot, or have the room silent and I am the one that will suddenly fart or something (probably a ridiculous fear but, hey-it is what it is haha) Yoga by video was not my thing...but I am open to other forms of yoga-I feel like I would like them-eventually I will try them...someday ;)
  • Nothing. For the first few months of my first ‘adult’ job, I would do hikes or walks on the weekends; but certainly nothing on a regular, daily, basis. To add insult to injury, I sit at a desk all day-five days a week and it caused me to be too tired (insert excuse here) to want to drag my ass to the gym to swim or pretend I am a proverbial rodent running on a wheel. I am very strict on my eating so I wasn’t really gaining weight, but I was getting (and continue to get) headaches from sitting alllllll dayyyyy lonnnnnnnnnng. My doctor told me frankly that I have to get up and move around more during the day. This led me to find the workout that I LOVE….
  • I LOVE WORK OUT VIDEOS!! I am currently doing the ‘Supreme 90 Day’ Workout (only $10 from Bed Bath & Beyond-who would of thought?!?). But I do it at a healthy pace for me. This means I try to do it 4 or 5 days a week, however I have NOT been that successful lately because I'm sick...I know, it's an excuse...but I'm feeling a bit better today and am planning on starting back up tomorrow!
          These videos work for me because I am ‘home’ up until the second I start, and can go do the dishes or eat dinner the second I am done. Essentially, there is no ‘extra commute’ to work out via video, thank god!
    I have only been doing work out videos for a couple of months now, but I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoy them. I feel like I am getting a personal trainer for free! I should note however, this works for me because I am very regimented and a self-motivator [most of the time… ;) ] When the guy in the video says “only you cheat yourself...work harder, who wants this healthy body more?!?” I sometimes literally say out loud-I WANT IT MORE!!!

Working out is about finding the right thing that will work for you. There are millions of ways to get some good physical activity incorporated into your day. However, there is not one perfect solution for everyone. What one person hates, another person loves. And if you are like me, someone who did not grow up as an athletic individual, it may take you awhile to find what works best for you and your lifestyle (note: this workout may change as your life changes as well). I don’t always have a great workout, and if I miss a work out (or five), I just try to get back on board.

It's the same as eating poorly for a few days then having to start to eat healthy again. As hard as it may be to start back up, for maintenance it is necessary. It's hard, even excruciatingly hard sometimes for me to get back to working out regularly; but at the end of the day-I am accountable to no one but myself.
Only I know whether I am doing my best or not, and trust me, I WANT IT MORE!

Until next time, keeping the bulge at bay…


  1. My workout, my job.
    7 hours a day, on my feet, running, bending, lifting, and stretching. (I am timed to achieve tasks.) Yes I sweat, yes I breathe hard, my face gets red and my heart races AND the best part…I get paid to do it. Not much but it is an additional motivator.
    Problem is I have to do it whether I want to or not.
    I live in fear that if I ever change jobs I’ll gain back the weight I’ve lost.

  2. Rachel I just stumbled onto your blog and congratulations on tackling this journey to health and fitness. I am on this journey to health and ultimate fitness myself. I did not have a big weightloss goal to begin with but I do want to be successful in achieving that dream body that I forever longed for. My current weight is 140 and I have lost 12 pounds since starting my weight loss journey last May 2011. I know 12 pounds doesn't sound like much for a year long committment to fitness however I have lost inches and thats what counts right? Anyway, I, like you hate the gym it seems like a whole waste of time just getting there. I started doing at home workouts and am currently doing the Turbofire Program. I Love this video and it has changed my body drastically. You should definitely consider trying this program its fun and keeps things fresh. Also with workout videos you always have an end goal. Once you commit You want to make sure you do the full 90 days or whatever the length of the program is. so Definitely a great motivator.

    I wish you luck on keeping the bulge at bay and look forward to reading your blog to help me on my journey.

  3. Hi There!
    Thanks for reading the blog! Whether it's 12 pounds or 120 pounds everyone faces the same difficulties! Congrats on your commitment to getting healthy-it feels great doesn't it?!?
    I've heard about Turbofire and have considered purchasing it-I'm happy to hear that you like it...I also have heard it is very high energy and fun! Have you tried any others as well?...as you probably know from the post, I'm new to the whole work-out DVD thing so any advice you have regarding them, my ears are wide open haha!
    Thanks for reading the blog, and keep in touch-I would love to hear more about your journey to health and fitness-good luck!

  4. I just started the Jillian Michaels DVDs, and I LOVE them! I did P90X for 2 months, and also loved those. However, they are longer and you must devote more time. I am a full time student and work 2 jobs, and sometimes an hour of my day just wasn't logical! I found out that at-home DVDs are my thing too! I can relate to a lot in this post, especially about HATING the gym. :-) You've got a lot of inspirational things to say.

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Brianne! Aren't DVD's great for winter months and rainy days?!? I'm glad to hear Jillian Michael's DVDs are a bit shorter-I'll have to give them a try!
      Thanks again for reading and for the suggestion :)